Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Apr 21 2016

Tacos do not have to be made with the same old chili filling.  Tacos can be filled with anything from breakfast food to dessert food.  Creative ideas are easy to come up with and if you can stretch your imagination, you’ll end up with some delicious meals.

Breakfast filling for tacos can be anything from scrambled eggs to sausage patties.  For scrambled eggs, choose toppings that you would normally put on regular tacos: shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa and chopped onions.  Hash browns with sliced cheese is another breakfast idea which would work well.

While steak can be thought of as a traditional filling for tacos, change up your toppings, use diced, cooked potatoes or mashed potatoes for a different taco experience.  Add gravy on top of the potatoes and you’ve got something interesting and different.  Sliced roast beef is another idea, topped with mayo and diced jalapeno peppers. 

Chicken sliced thin, think deli meat, can be layered with lettuce, tomato and feta cheese to make a semi-Greek taco.  Ground lamb cooked with mustard or lemon to make another variation on a Greek taco.  Top with Greek olives, feta and cinnamon for an unusual taco.

Spaghetti and mini-meat balls is a fun change of pace for tacos.  Just make sure that you don’t overdo on the sauce or you’ll end up with a mess.  Toppers can include grated Parmesan and Romano cheese. This can be a messy meal but it’s kind of like a Sloppy Joe in that respect.  Kids will probably adore this idea.

Try cooking winter squashes with savory spices and stuff them into taco shells.  Croutons and shredded cheddar cheese can be your toppings for squash tacos.  Ratatouille with croutons and Parmesan cheese would be great, too.

Dessert tacos can be a lot of fun.  Sliced wedges of ice cream with chocolate chip topping or fruit salsa topping, fresh fruit with chocolate sauce topping or stewed fruit with whipped cream can end a meal with a surprise element.

Tacos do not have to be the same-old, same-old.  Basically, anything you can make as a sandwich (and beyond) can taste good in a taco. With a little imagination and trial and error, you can come up with lots of unique filling ideas that will please almost everyone.  The best way to come up with unique taco fillings is to experiment.  See what you’ve got in the fridge and try out something new and different!

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