How to Make Fried Rice

Apr 30 2016

Making fried rice for my ever critical family has made my recipe quite popular amongst the young friends of our three sons. I cannot make enough it seems. Usually having to make it at a moment’s notice, I boil the rice in a rice steamer or if a larger quantity is required in the microwave as well.

Well let’s take a look at how I do it…


Measure half a cup of long grain rice (fragrant Thai or Basmati) per soul
Allow one vegetable soup cube (that’s if you don’t have enough stock) per cup of rice
Allow one lightly scrambled egg per cup of rice
Mixed vegetables (grated carrots, finely chopped spring onion, finely sliced green beans, cauliflower florets, cabbage, mushrooms, green peas, sweet corn chopped green and red sweet peppers) select what you have in stock, no hard and fast rule that you use all I have listed.
Toasted cashew nuts, reserve enough for garnishing
Mixed cooked meats (roast chicken, beef, pork or bacon,) finely cut into one inch strips
Shredded lobster, shrimp preferable precooked.
Light Soy sauce
Toasted sesame oil
A good dollop of Butter or margarine or if you are health conscience the oil of you r choice, extra virgin olive oil, etc.
Boiling water enough to cook the rice

Wash and drain rice in colander
Heat a large enough pan with the mix of oils and when hot transfer the washed rice and fry until translucent, stirring all the time, at this stage a few cardamoms, cloves, a stick of cinnamon and a few pepper corns may be added together with the crushed soup cubes, stir and add enough boiling water required to cook the rice. You may continue to cook in the same pan or transfer to a microwave safe dish or rice steamer as the case may be and continue cooking.

Meanwhile prepare the vegetables and meats or sea food and lightly fry in order of
Meats or uncooked sea food first, and then the vegetables and the nuts. Season and leave aside. Remember not to over cook the vegetables.

When the rice is done and if time permits stir and leave to cool with lid off. Combine cooked vegetables with the light soy sauce, scrambled eggs, meats or sea food, turn into the rice in batches, combine. Heat once more and garnish. Serve with appropriate side dishes.

If a vegetarian version is preferred simply omit the eggs, meats or sea food and increase the variety of vegetables. I do this anyway before mixing the meats in as some of my son’s friends and he are vegetarians

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